A dentist is a surgeon who has a specialization in dentistry. The maintenance, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases concerned with the mouth cavity are all gathered up under the work of a dentist. The dental team consists of dental subordinates, dental hygienists, dental engineers, and in some states, dental analysts.


For achieving the degree of dentistry, you must graduate from high school and complete all the necessary courses required for this field such as statistics, physics, organic chemistry, general chemistry, General Biology, and calculus. In the USA, while certain dental colleges require at least a bachelor’s degree (4 years of college prep), a few may consider admitting students with only 3 years of college, which is very occasional. You must give DAT, Dental Admission Test to apply for dental colleges. The Dental Admission Test consists of a survey of four tests:

  1. Survey of the Natural Sciences.
  2. Perceptual Ability.
  3. Reading Comprehension.
  4. Quantitative Reasoning.

The dental colleges in the USA recommend you take the test one year before the admissions. In Pakistan, MDCAT, Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test, is usually required to get an admission into a medical or dental college.


Life as a dentist is for sure not an easy task. It is just as difficult as other fields. With being a dentist, you should be caring towards other people. The treatment of a patient is not limited to mechanical diagnosis. A patient must believe that the doctor carrying out his or her surgery is not only concerned with the treatment of the patient but also with the patient getting better. It is crucial to gain the trust of your patient with your bedside manners to achieve successful operations. When the patient believes that his/her dentist or physician does not care or believes that he or she is only concerned with money, the patient will get agitated and will find fault whether no-fault exits.

The sole point to keep in mind after being a dentist is to keep patience and develop the habit of letting go. There come several pressure points in the life of a dentist where you just want to quit your profession and get out of this, which most people termed it in anger as, hell-hole. You reach your pressure point when your colleague is on the leave and you have to fill in for him or her. Sometimes, your co-workers are not doing their job well and you have to do that for them as well as yours and the workload never seems to end. But this is just for a time being and it will pass no matter what.

All the dentists are created equal when they graduate. It’s the advanced training, continuing education, and a willingness to continue to learn and experiment makes the difference. The greatest lessons are learned from the failures. The number of failures you get in your way, the brighter and advanced you get. Reminiscing over your failures makes you humbler and more aware of the dentist’s limitations.


To sum it up, congratulations to all those who are going to be passed out as professional dentists (Tannlege Sandefjord) and going to take charge in their respective fields. Life as a dentist is undoubtedly is difficult and pressurizing sometimes and you would be asking yourself questions like why are you here or what is normal? but this time can be passed with patience and endurance. In dentistry, you learn quite a lot of things in a short amount of time and it will undeniably make you proud of yourself of what you’ve achieved in life.